Ten things you may not want to know about me

Friday, June 29, 2007

I have been tagged by Color me crazy about "Ten things you may not want to know about me.".
Because of my clinical rotations, labs, paper and final exams. I have procrastinating about this tag until today.

But, I will write an original and hilarious piece, you probably will not forget it :)-

1. You probably do not want to sit next to me when watching a hilarious funny movie because I hit very hard on the person who sit next to me when I laughed and get too excited :)-. You can get bruised ! Oouch :)-

2. I fart a lot so you probably do not want to sit near me during lecture time or movies :)-.

3. If you read all the past experiences that I had, you probably would think I am a very strong woman, in fact, I am not. I cried before the actress cried in a sad movie :). A lot of my friends thought I was nut !!!

4. This one you really do not want to know. When I first went to Australia to study. I hard a difficult time adjusting life without my maid and my mom. I often forgot to do my laundry so I often wore my worn underwear the other side because I run out of underwear.

5. This is another hilarious one :). When I was in Melbourne doing my high school, I took Chinese as an extra credit. I had to go to Melbourne city every Saturday morning for my Chinese class. I lived in a place which was about 45minutes train drive and 15mins bus drive, so all in all, it's an hour journey. I hate to wake up early in the morning to put on my clothes because it's so cold in Melbourne's winter. So what I did was I wear my jeans, my shirt and my long coat to go to sleep. When the alarm rang, I just brushed my teeth and there I went.

6. I love man who is tall , dark and handsome, which my husband is not. He is median height, white and handsome :). I especially like men who has mustache :)-

7. I hate to drive. I have never drive in a highway before. Before I came to US, I had a driver, who drive me here and there. My ex boss recogned it's cheaper to hire a driver for me than had to pay for my car repair every month because I bumped into people car a lot. I don't have very good motor skill and I probably has some dexetory issue.

8. I have problem going to sleep if I don't read before I sleep. But once I sleep, I sleep like a log. When we were younger , my sister and I shared a room. We used to listen to late night song request. At that time, there's this D.J who my sister and I fancied :) (I couldnot even remember his name, might be if JT or Doris who read this blog entry might help me to recall, I think he hosted cool and swinging show, remember ?). Once we forgot to switch our transistor radio off and those days in Kuching, once after midnight, after the national song "Negaraku" finished, you will hear squeking sound 'eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...". My mother who slept next door to us was disturbed by the sound and could not go to sleep. Those days there were no AC lah, our windows were all open with mosquito nest :). Well, she called our name, screamed at us to open the window. Both of us slept like a log. Finally she poured a pale of water right onto my face. I slept right under the window. I thought it was raining and we had a flood so I wake up :).

9. I have no gift in languages. I did horribly in school for my Chinese and Malay.I think I have a sclerosis tongue which is hard to turn :)

10. I am very good most of the times but I can be very explosive when you stepped on my tail :):):). My mom said it's because I was the decendent of Borneo's head hunter tribe :). She got her history wrong. Melanau tribe is not head hunter tribe. I went on street demonstration when I was younger. I went to principal room to fight for issues that I felt very strongly. In short, I am hot blooded :)-

And this is a picture that I don't think you really want to see :). Taken at my baby shower party :)-

I hope I have done a good job for my friend, colormecrazy :)-


Debo Hobo said...

What is this Color me Crazy?

kayatan said...

She is a blogger friend of mine. An Australian (ex-Malaysian) who reside with her husband @ Germany now.
Thank you for dropping by .

ColourMeCrazy said...

heheheheh - you made me laugh so much! That was excellent!! My husband thinks I'm nuts now laughing at the computer screen!

Hey - I went to school in Melbourne as well! Where did you do your high school? Where did you live in Melbourne? I used to do Indonesian for extra credit on Saturdays as well! I can't believe you wore your clothes to sleep! That's sooo funny!

Thanks again for doing the tag! You definitely did a fantastic job!

kayatan said...

Colormecrazy, I used to go to Balwyn High School which is located in North Balwyn. Me and a girlfriend from Kuching stayed with an Australian elderly lady home. It's abt 5mins walk from school. That was in 1979, you probably in yr mommy tummy or might be still has not :)-.

To tell you the truth, I knew very little about Melbourne or Victoria per se. I was a poor student who depend on public transport for going around places. Since I failed 3 times on my driving license in Malaysia, all the times I lived in Australia, I had never drive :):):).

The furthest I had ever gone in Melbourne is Denedong where I visited some Kuching guy who lived near Monash uni. The rest of the time my jalan jalan was confined to inner city Melbourne such as Swanson street, etc...

But, I had a lot of funs and went to more places when I moved to Sydney because one of my flatmates knew how to drive and she was a charmer where she could get guys to do all kind of things, eg. drove us to Canberra for a weekend trip :). Also I was very involved in a Baptist church in the inner city so the youth group did quite a lot of things together.

That was when I really explored Australia's many interesting places.

I went as far North as Darwin, as West as Perth :):).

A Hakka will always be a gpysie :)-

ColourMeCrazy said...

I have a couple of friends who went to Balwyn High school as well - I think they did Year 12 in 1990. and my mum is Hakka too! So we have a few things in common!

J.T. said...

Hey Jamy

Hilarious answers. Enjoyed that.

I am also wondering which DJ you are talking about. When I was in Malaysia, I used to like FlyGuy - local DJ.
If you are talking about foreign DJ, it was Casey Kasem.

kuanhoong said...

WoW, you got a nice history of yourself.. interesting!

water ionizer said...

Hahaha... The farting a lot comment had me cracking up. Nice post!

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soma taha said...

Fairly certain he will have a very good read