What is this ?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Yes, Wuching is right, it is a portable jamban. (Malaysian Americans are not allow to guess, he he he.Only those who reside of US are allowed to guess :)-, he he he.)

My hubby and I are travel bugs:). We decided to go to Asheville on a spur of the moment. We took off on Tuesday and came back on Thursday night cos I need to get back to work (week end shit). We drove miles and miles on Blue Ridge Parkway, we climbed all the way to nearly 5000ft. Along the way, we stopped and 'wee wee' :). The portable jamban was sparkling clean. I was amazed !

I love the 4th picture, this kind of scenery remind me that we human being are so small ! It is an awesome feeling.

These are some of the sceneries along the way.

I think this is a cool clip of the parkway. Enjoy !


Wuching said...

isn't that a portable toilet cubicle?

kayatan said...

U are spot on, my dear !

J.T. said...

Hello Seay
Coming back to your blog again. Thanks for dropping by mine. Lovely pictures. I thought they were portable toilets but I was not sure about the lighter green coloured one. It looked too narrow to be one. Reminds me of the width of the toilets on airplanes!

kayatan said...

Hi jacquie, call me jamy.
Glad that u drop by. I love yr blog, it is so romantic. Yr blog layout reminded me of all the nice cards that I brought from Cambridge card shops, so nostagia !

J.T. said...

Hi Jamy
I am glad that my blog appeals to you. That's just me. I love to play with colours, designs. I should have just gone into some kind of designing huh?
I will someday. Right now, where I live it is difficult to take up such a course from an American institute. My command of the German language is not good enough to enroll in a German institute. Designing courses usually require lots of practical work in class. On line is not possible.
So when I finally get back to the States someday, I will look into it. I may just take it up to hone that creative skill in me - for personal satisfaction. hehe
Cambridge card shop... are you referring to Cambridge, UK?

kayatan said...

The music made me cried lah, such a memory :). So romantic lah, sudah lupa those times, sekarang, changing 'poo poo' of the little one :)-. He is getting better now :), less accidents :)-

So, how long will u be in Germany ?

Yap, C. of UK. Check out the new article, dedicated to u, kawan :)-