Friday night & married woman

Friday, May 25, 2007

When I was single, I used to work out the gym with my cousin sister on Friday evening. After the work out, we would go out for dinner and follow with our coffee and cake session in either Hilton, Holiday Inn or Merdeka Palace hotel' restaurant or cafe.

Now after work out I go home and cook :). My husband and I go work out together and we leave JJ in the club play group. It is YMCA club, very family and community oriented club. I personally like it better than Kuching's Sarawak club. I hate Sarawak club because that is where the snobs gather ! I still cannot figure out why people are so proud to be colonials ? So proud of a past colony of British ? Having live in US for a while, I really appreciate the American casual than the rigid Brits. Aiyo, to go into the club restaurant, u have to wear shoe, not slippers, apa ini ? These British people so asy one , Malaysia so hot lah, not England lah. Here in the US, even the government office personnel wear shots/t-shirts to go to work. My professors wear 3 quarter pants when they lecture.

I cannot stand people who have such a stupid colonial mentality ! Only those who are Western educated, who speaks English and work for the government (those colonial times where government servants are mostly British trained etc...) are eligible for membership.

That is why I never like Kuching's Sarawak club, very pretentious atmosphere, u got to speak good English, u got to be someone who is rich and higher in the society level. Me coming from Chinese school, don't like the snob Sarawak club post colonial mentality. White is better, angmo is more clever... Even white people 'pe' also 'sang', stupid. [ U wonder why I married angmo ? Aiya, love lah, u think what ?].

But here, the YMCA cater for middle class family who live around the neighborhood.

Anyway, forget my rant, this is what I cook, alfredo fettucinie.

I used the left over bake chicken that I have :). A packet of baby balle mushroom, brocolli, stuff olive, morzerrella cheese (an important ingredient), milk and heavy cream.

Because I cook a lot, I like to have a lot of kitchen helpers such as garlic that has been minced, herbs that are common ingredient in most dishes such as oregano, basil flakes and Italian spice mix (which has lots of rosemary). These are handy kitchen helpers that I can't live out. I don't think I have the energy to chop garlic every time I cook. Remember I cook 6-7 days, 3 meals a day :).

Alfredo sauce needs lots of morzerrella cheese and pamersen cheese. Look at the cheese :)

Final product !

The story of a married woman @ Friday nite after work out in the gym !

(I was very inspired by Criz Lai fettucinie, so I tell myself has to make it lah :).


Bee Ean Tee said...


Yummy yummy. I cook during the weekday and my husband during the weekend.

Wow now you are a daily blogger?

CRIZ LAI said...

Inspired by me again?? Did I really influence you that much? I guessed your hubby will be happy too...LOL

Anyway, it looked real nice too. You are a bit too slow in coming out with your dish. I just created something new today. Go check out my new dish now :P

Wuching said... i know who burnt down sarawak club!

John said...

BE, Yes, I am trying to catch up to get respect from Criz :)-.

Wuching, I am not so 'pai sin' lah :)-.Aiyo, burnt down, SC, u too much.I didn't even know until I go home last yr. I like the architecture, classic but not the atmosphere.Toolan look at people attitude, think they own the club.

Aiya, Criz, don't be 'bo tua bo sai' :)-. Yalah, I am very slow lah, my family called me 'tortoise' lah. But u remember the story, the slow tortoise still make it eh ?

kayatan said...

Aiya, above is my comment not my husband john, didn't know he was log on :)- Surely he does not know 'toolan' :):):):)

CRIZ LAI said...

Aiks...sorry for saying you slow lor...I memang "bo tua bo sai"...big head and small brains at time... keke :P