JJ is 4 !

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Time flies. JJ is going to be 4 in a month.
We decided to have his 4th birthday today with our Indonesian fellowship. We have about 10-12 Indonesian people who gather together for worship and fellowship every 1st or 2nd Saturday of the month. JJ birthday is next month but we go ahead and celebrate with the Christian brothers and sisters.

We don't give JJ birthday present or Christmas present because we believe we live in a society that worship materials things and we like to stir him away from it. Money is not evil but the love of it is evil. We live in the end day; people have so much and yet they want more & more, people have so much but yet they are ungrateful. They only think of themselves.We want to stir away JJ from this kind of thinking. So a simple cake from mommy is good enough, mommy and daddy love is worth more than 1000 presents.

A simple cake and a happy birthday ! Dear JJ, mommy and daddy pray that you will be a strong man for God, and make HIS will into your will.


Wuching said...

happy birthday JJ & happy mama day to JJ's mum!

kayatan said...

Thank you very much uncle Wuching. JJ

Thank you Wuching and send my Happy Mother Day regards to yr wiffy !

zewt said...

very cute todler you have there... cant wait for him to wish you happy mamas' day huh? :)

kayatan said...

Thank you Zewt, he is a sweet heart :).

Bee Ean Tee said...

Good thinking Jamy. I like the idea of giving ang pao though bcos then we can go to bank and save the money. hehe