I miss these

Monday, May 28, 2007


J.T. said...

Oh durians! I love durians. Miss them soooo much. I can just taste it now. :)

kayatan said...

Hai kawan, welcome back to the virtual world :)-. No durian in Rome ? ha ha ha ha ha.

Wuching said...

aiya, miss mah go back lor!

Bee Ean Tee said...

From time to time I got to please myself with frozen durian, of course taste wise not as nice as the fresh one in Malaysia. Hey Jamy did you manage to get John try Durian??

J.T. said...

I used to be able to get the frozen Thai durians from the other part of Germany, where I lived. I haven't found an Asian store around here since we moved in January.
Rome and Durians??? hahaha The gladiators will awake from their graves with that smell.

PapaJoneh said...

wahhhh, Char kueh Toew and Durians... hmmmm. I think eventhough u back in Malaysia, you still gonna miss this two even after you already have them. I'm honestly not into durians but i love Penang Chow men. hmmm, no wim hungry at 1am. OMG.

kayatan said...

Wuching, it takes me 30hrs to get home lah.
2hrs to Orlando, 5hrs to L.A, 14hrs to Taipei, 4hrs to K.L, 1 hr to Kch. + 4hrs of transit and waiting time.
With a small monkey, it is not like today I want to go I go lah.
Sometimes, I wish I live in Perth, a ! such is life, u loose some, u gain some. Who ask me have to marry an American and not my N.Z or Aussies bfs leh ?

kayatan said...

BE, if I want to eat durian, I eat the real one, not frozen. And I eat with hand and finish with salt water with the shell. Aiya, I am nonya lah, so use to eat with hand lah.
I only realized we have durian in Florida. The Chinese store sell it but I have not bought any yet.
Florida is pretty ok as far as Asian food is concern. A lot of Indonesians, Philipinos and Thais. U can get very authentic Indos and even Chinese food (H.K) style cos of the tourist biz have attracted a lot of foreigners to stay foot here.

kayatan said...

Jt, u real funny :)

kayatan said...

Papajoneh, are u in K.K ? are in W.Malaysia, u makan kaki eh ? :):):)

ColourMeCrazy said...

Me too - miss durians. I could probably find some frozen here - though my husband would probably scream at me - he hates the smell!

mama bok said...

I missed the durians too..! big time..!

kayatan said...

Yes, mama bok, we all miss durians big time !

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