Thursday, May 31, 2007

Have you ever wonder what is life about ? We were born, we grew up and we grew old ?

What is life to you ? Sweet, sour, bitter ???

What matter most in your life ? Family, $$$, status, health or yourself ?

My life is full of adventures. There were many sweet memories, there were also many bitter memories. There are many people whom I would like to stay away , there are many people who have made beautiful footprint in my life and they are forever treasured in my memories. I have lived in several countries, many of them left me with good memories, other left me with horrors. I had been rich and had been poor. I had been loved by many and also had been hurt by many.

Over the years I have been to many places, countries and have taken many pictures. Only with computer and digital cameras have I noticed I have taken so many pictures and many of them are pretty nice. And through these pictures, I realized life is written in these pictures. Spring, summer, fall, winter and these seasons and life is so much alike.
If you have been in my blog for a while, please take some time to write some of your thoughts about life. Doubts, laments, sufferings, enjoyment etc... No comments are too long for me. As long as you write it from the bottom of your heart, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The seasons of life...






kuanhoong said...

Hi, Nice to read your blog and now I am able to comment too :-)

Yes, I do agree that we met so many people in our life. Some of them, we do want to keep them close to our heart and some we just don't even want to think of them.

Hey. life is short. Don't want to be around with people that make us sad, right? :-)

By the way, since now your blog is open for anyone to comment, maybe you would want to set it for moderation. You would not want to have any nasty or spam comments.

kayatan said...

Ok, my guru.

One thing I want to add is I have met many gurus in my life. One is my investment guru and one is your, my IT guru :)-

Cheers !