A new blog wave

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bloggerwave.com is now live and is looking for bloggers. You might like to register with them and started a part time income. I came across bloggerwave from Wuching blog. I have not made any money from payperpost but I have already gotten my 1st pay check from bloggerwave. I really think you should try bloggerwave because it is a new start up and I am sure they are more friendly to blogger to get their business going. Once they get big, they might become snob but mean time I think they are still humble :)-.


* Sponsor. This is brought to you by bloggerwave.


zewt said...

the problem is with paypal... complication in me getting paid...

J.T. said...

Seriously, you got a paycheck. How much do they pay? May I ask?
I do use PayPal to pay for Skype credit. How does Bloggerwave pay?

kayatan said...

Yes, seriously JT. U go to their site, register as member, then copy and paste their code into yr blog. Waloa, they give u $ in yr paypal account. How easy is that ?

kayatan said...

Zewt, I heard that there are some glitches with them with paypal. check
kuanhoong site , we did have some conversation on this issue :http://www.kuanhoong.com/2007/05/29/bloggerwave-is-a-scam/
I believe bloggerwave has solved their startup glitches since.
Hang in there. (sound like a spokewoman :):))