Good morning, cuppocino and crosoint

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I am not French, but I love crossont. I am not Italian but I love cappuccino.

During my single days, it is Hilton cappucino, now it is home-make cappucino lah :) with these ingredients :)-.

And I made a quiche for my ever picking son :)

And guess what else I made too ? (cinamon roll and a fruit pie - apple/apricot). Yes, life of a mom now, no more swinging life at Hilton high tea :):)


CRIZ LAI said...

Slurpss~~love the look of the quiche...hehehe. Anyway, thanks for the visit :)

p/s: i have just posted my seafood fettuccine recipe. You want to go and have a look? :P

kayatan said...

Thank you for dropping by !

J.T. said...

Wow... food looks good. Funny how life changes after marriage. Some things that you used to purchase outside is now made at home.
Eversince hubby bought me a cappuccino maker, I have been making mine at home. I can put as much cream as I want! haha
Love croissants too. Miss the seafood salad croissant at DeliFrance in Malaysia. Used to eat that for lunch occasionally when I worked in KL.
Nice.... take care Jamy.

kayatan said...

Jt, thanks.

Yes, it is amazing how marriage change a person. I was an iron lady :) in the corporate world for a long time and an avid world traveler :)-.

When I have my son at 42, I changed 360%. I did not sleep for more than 4hrs every nite for abt 9mths because he was a colicky baby. I hold him at my chest and rock him to sleep :)-. I left my career to stay home with him :) and later went back to school to do something totally different from what I used to do :).

I used to be like Mrs Marcus who had each color of a single design shoe :) , now I am the most simple plain Jane :)-.

Having a family is always what I wanted to have. It comes later in my life and I am glad cos I have done every thing that I wanted to do before I settle down, in short, been there, done that :)-.

Now I am happily settle in a small quiet town of less than 130k pop. :)-. Someday when my boy is older, we will move to our range home with lots of acres and have our horses :)-.

Wuching said...

hey nice! i like ham & cheese croisant toasted thank u!

kayatan said...

Wuching, me 2 ! I did make cheese croisant toasted for hubby and JJ but no ham cos forget to stock ham this wk grocery shopping :)-
Hubby having gum problem so instead of having ham/cheese s/w , he is getting Chinese porridge everyday , breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ya, he eats Chinese food alright :)-