Do you consider yourself blessed ?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I do. I am blessed to marry someone who love God, me and we both love travel.
I just put up some of our travel photos. It seems like every season we go to different places in America.
What about you ? Do your spouse like to do different thing from you ? eg. he likes to golf and u don't, he is a couch potatoes and u are not ?
Have a good weekend.


Wuching said...

yes, we do our own things..we have nothing in common!

kayatan said...

Some couples are like that, do their own thing.
I suppose as long as you think it works, that shouldn't be a problem.
I used to be so independent, but now I become very dependent on my husband.

Wuching said...

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zewt said...

it's always good to be married to someone who loves God... happy mamas' day.

kayatan said...

Dear Zewt,
Thank you for stopping by.
I am very touched by yr blog.
Thank you for wishing me a happy mother day.

Bee Ean Tee said...

yes he's in front of his computer and I'm in front of mine. :-)