Romance (I).

Thursday, May 24, 2007

After j.t reminder on l.p blog's comment, I thought I might start blogging down all my miscarriage romances, ha ha ha ha.

I think I am going to do it with year chronicle order :)

My 1st love :

I remember it was in primary 1. ( my reader is going to scream, what primary 1, something wrong kah ? so young eh, oleri know love ? :), ha ha ha. I knew I was in love the first sight I laid on him. He is those kind of Chinese boy with girlie look, he looks Caucasian , big eyes, straight nose and a thin lip; and tall and dark. The form teacher appointed him to be the class monitor. (see even the teacher notices this boy has potential , ha ha , it would be easier for young girls to cooperate with handsome boy :):):). Our form teacher assigned us to clean the small pathway around the 'longkau' area at the back of the classroom. I was so thrilled when I knew I am scheduled to be with him every Wednesday afternoon after class. My heart would beat so fast when I knew he was standing next to me sweeping the pathway around the 'longkau'.

I was so heart broken the 1st day in my primary 2 class when I did not see him in my class. Chinese school in KCH then has a very 'kiasu' system', good students were assigned to 'A' class otherwise 'B' etc... Good students meant you get A in Chinese, A in maths etc...

We have 10 classes in primary 2. I remembered he was in 'F' class. His class room was at the end of the hall way. Everyday my brightest moment was when he walked pass my class to get to his classroom. I did not think he even notice my glance or glare. But I always tell myself he smiled to me and that's enough :):).

We shall continue to (II) when times permit :)-


Bee Ean Tee said...

hahaha Jamy you are funny. I don't think I have ever got heartbeat for guys at this age. All I got was a guy always reserved bus seat for me in the school bus, then at Standard 6 he gave me a love letter. I was blur blur at that point. I first guy I like was my badminton pal bcos he played so well that I dream of being Mrs X (his wife lah).

ColourMeCrazy said...

Hehe - I think I was too busy climbing trees and being a tomboy when I was in standard 1!