Friday, August 10, 2007

Well, everyone of us is looking for a soul mate in our life. But how many of us actually find our soul mate ? How long did we take to find one if we found one ? How long did we go through those lonely heartaches night wishing we have someone to share our funs, our pleasures, and our dreams.

I remember growing up I always dream of my white knight. I imagine him as someone who would rescue me from my ivory towel. A towel where I would not let many people goes in. I tried to find my soul mates in many places : social functions, blind dates, even church youth groups, but I had never found it. And believe it or not ? I found my soul mate through an internet match making site. So when it comes to internet dating, I am all for it. - "fitness dating"

fitness dating

This site : fitnessdates is a very unique internet dating site because it caters for men and women who are interested in dating someone who cares about Fitness and Health.

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