Feel down ?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I think many of you here can identify with me about "time challenge syndrome" on blogging if you have a full time job, or a full time student, and have a family to take care.

But, this blog cheers me up . This is a blog on Darren's sneeze page titled : When it Feels Like Nobody is Reading Your Blog.

These are the exact words that really uplifted me !

"So my advice to new bloggers who feel like no one is listening is to not give up and see the experience of preaching to the empty pews on your blog as a learning experience.

The things you learn now will shape your future blogging, will grow your understanding of your topic, will grow your character and make you into a better blogger. "

I think we all have gone through that stage during our earlier days of blogging or still going through it now that "no one read our blog". I talked about this feeling here.

Wow, I think my husband would be so encouraged because he feels like that now. He has been blogging on reformed baptist apologetics for quite a number of months, there are not a lot of readers but he still keeps writing :).

So, be passionate of what you are doing, continue to blog !

Cheers !