Genetic vs Environmental factor !

Friday, November 30, 2007

One fine day after doing his art works, my 4 years old son decided to give himself a new hair cut. It did not do a lot of damage because I discovered his act just on time.

I did not know whether to laugh or cry about the event because I remembered my late great grandmother told me I used to cut my own hair when no one was around. I wonder if there is a genetic factor in behavior ? I am sure this is not an environmental factor because my son was not around when I did my hair cut when I was 4 years old.

What do you think, my readers ?


Wuching said...

I think all kids do that, my nephew did & I think I did too I can't quite remember...

Simple American said...

I think kids just try things out. And it did not turn out too bad. My mom did worse to me with a rice bowl and clippers.

kayatan said...

Ha ha ha, we did the rice bowl too :).

MamaBoK said...

Hehhe!! i think all kids are the same.. ;) just curious..i guess.. ;)

Xandra Jenn said...


I used to cut my hair like the tempurung kelapa.

Nice blog...

A fellow Borneon,
jenn in the Netherlands

Dazzlecat said...

I also think most kids do that. I did it when I was little. not to myself, but to my brothers. heehee. and one time when i was a teenager i was babysitting a couple of little girls, and they almost got my braids with a scissor when i wasn't looking. kids!

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