How do I manage having a good grade in school and blogging.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

It has been a challenge to me to me to consistently make good grade in my studies and maintain a couple of blogs. However, this challenge force me to look for ways that will help me find this balance.

These are some of the ways that help me to maintain a good grade in my exam and also blog in a regular basic.

1. Plan
Planning is an important factor. I allocate at least 2 hours of uninterrupted time for myself to read through my lectures notes.

2. Concentrate and keep myself not distracted from my goal and my focus.
I used to browse the net a lot. Now instead of browse the net without any goals, I browse with a goal of getting ideas for my blog posts and leave comments on visitors that visit my site.

3. Eat healthy and not having to skip lectures because of sickness.
I have been making Chinese herbal soup with lean pork meat and lots of vegetable. I would bring them to school in a thermal container where I would eat at least a healthy home cook meal a day.

I am very happy to let you know that I get the highest grade in my class for this recent exam I have. I hope this will help many of you who are juggling with many roles that you play.


Innovations & Interesting Ramblings said...

congrats kayatan...for your brilliant performance in school...keep on the momentum...

Anonymous said...

a good way is to speed-read, basically to read quickly on the first go to get the general idea. then spot the keywords on the second read.

another good tool is mind-mapping popularise by buzan. it models on how our brain works. basically you draw ideas on a diagram and show its connection to one another. in a way, its like a complicated flowchart.

congrats jamy, hope you will continue to excel!


Wuching said...

nolah, you are super woman mah

kayatan said...

Thanks everyone. I am drowning. I am drowning ! Help, help, only sleep 4 hrs each day :).

Nightwing said...

Congratulations on your results...By the way what r u studying?

MBA or Doctorate? wuching are superwoman...:)

Kelly Mahoney said...

You definately have to make time. School is so time consuming.