Concrete Garages

Friday, October 26, 2007

Lidget concrete garages Prefab Concrete Garages are a UK wide supplier of concrete garages. It has been around for over 30 years. Over the 30 years, they have built a reputation of unsurpassed quality attractively designed buildings. They also invest heavily into their plant and machinery which allow them to to develop state-of-the-art concrete garages which are rigid, strong and cost-effective in both design and manufacture.
You can find a list of Lidget concrete garages agents in The Lidget Agent Network .
You can download their entire 2006 brochure or or use the links on the right side of the page to download specific product brochure.

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The Garden Buildings Centre said...

I’ve just found this fantastic new website for concrete garages You may obtain an instant on-line quotation for any type of concrete buildings, workshop or store buildings

fort-worth-concrete said...

Its amazing what all you can do with concrete these days. There are even companies that do concrete countertops.

Concrete said...

Concrete garages are way better than say a carport or something.