Friday, October 26, 2007 UK Remortgages is a new mortgage broker site with INDEPENDENT financial advisers behind every call.
The site has a comprehensive write up on Mortgage Guides. The guides cover topics such as interest rates, fixed rate mortgages, variable rate mortgages, tracker mortgages, offset mortgages, current account mortgages, self certification mortgages, 100% and 125% mortgages, let-to-buy and LTV.
Not only the mortgage guides that they have on the site useful, I found their information on mortgage type very helpful to first time loaner or season loaners.
They cover topics such as :
Repayment Mortgages, Interest Only Mortgages, and alsoCommercial Mortgages such as Commercial Property Finance and Loans. You don't want to take my word for it, head over to UK Remortgages

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France Property said...

The Blog is cool and lot to know from this site.

French leaseback said...

That site is great that your bringing that to everyones attention. So much information there I don't really know where to start!!