Informations you do not know can cost you money !

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A month ago, we bought a new computer and also bought a wireless network internet connection on our new computer. We bought netgear products for our wireless gardget.
We had a number of problems since we did that. The problem is our network was down and we called our DSL provider which is AT&T.
In fact, AT&T bought our ex-provider, which is Bell South.
Last night we talked to netgear and we talked to AT&T. After talking on the phone with Netgear staff, the guy told us we had a faulty equipment and asked us to send back and they will replace us with a workable one (not necessary new). Later we talked to AT&T, they told us they can give us a free wireless network without any monthly charge.
For some reasons, we thought it costs us a monthly fees to have that kind of connection.
So you see , we spend more than $120 on buying equipment if only we knew it is free from AT&T, sigh. So do your homework before you buy anything !