Visit Australia.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Australia has been my second home for a long time. I lived in Sydney, Australia for more than 15 years. A lot of my American friends always tell me I am a lucky girl because Australia is one of the places that they wanted to go.

Sydney has a special place in my heart. I always think it is the world most beautiful city. It is one of the those cities you don't have to travel too far to find things to do and places to see.

There are a few places in Sydney you do not want to miss out when you visit Sydney : The rocks region which has the biggest concentration of history buildings in Sydney. Sydney Darling Harbor areas, Circular Quay areas that house Sydney Opera House, King Cross which is the known red light district area and of course not forgetting the artist areas: Oxford street and Paddington Market.

And of course not forgetting King street Newtown which I lived for many years. South of Glebe is Newtown, which can be reached on bus numbers 422, 423, 426 and 428. King Street is the main street where you'll find bookshops, cafes and plenty of cool clothes stores. This joins with Enmore Road, where you will find more shops and a wide variety of cafes and restaurants. Newtown has a blend of class and grunge, and has good nightlife often hosting a number of live bands. King street has such a cosmopolitan feel, you can find the best Italian pizza, the best Lebanese sweets and coffee and the best Greek coffee.

And of course all the beautiful beaches around Sydney, Bondi, Bontee, La Parous, Rose Bay, Watson bay and many others.

This is the thee sunset view of Sydney skyline taken from my apartment at Kingstreet, Newtown on 1990.

I did my high school in Melbourne and there are lots of nice places to see in Melbourne. Don't leave Melbourne without visit the areas around Yara river and Philip Island where Phillip Island Nature Park offers a unique Australian wildlife experience and is home to the famous Penguin Parade at Summerland Beach.

I visited Brisbane during the World expo at 1988. If you love beaches, you will not miss Brisbane's Gold Coast.

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Nightwing said...

Thanks for sharing. Maybe one day will take a trip there. My sister is studying in Brisbane but she is coming back soon.