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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Do you have a romance to tell ? I have too many :).
Let me start with my youngest romance :).

I remember it was in grade 1. ( my reader is going to scream, what grade 1, something wrong kah ? so young eh, oleri know love ? :), ha ha ha. I knew I was in love the first sight I laid on him. He is those kind of Chinese boy with girlie look, he looks Caucasian , big eyes, straight nose and a thin lip; and tall and dark. The form teacher appointed him to be the class monitor. (see even the teacher notices this boy has potential , ha ha , it would be easier for young girls to cooperate with handsome boy :):):). Our form teacher assigned us to clean the small pathway around the 'longkau' area at the back of the classroom. I was so thrilled when I knew I am scheduled to be with him every Wednesday afternoon after class. My heart would beat so fast when I knew he was standing next to me sweeping the pathway around the 'longkau'.

I was so heart broken the 1st day in my grade 2 class when I did not see him in my class. Chinese school in KCH then has a very 'kiasu' system', good students were assigned to 'A' class otherwise 'B' etc... Good students meant you get A in Chinese, A in maths etc...

We have 10 classes in grade 2. I remembered he was in 'F' class. His class room was at the end of the hall way. Everyday my brightest moment was when he walked pass my class to get to his classroom. I did not think he even notice my glance or glare. But I always tell myself he smiled to me and that's enough :):).

And my love for him stayed till we departed when we left for different high school :).

I always believe love make a person feel younger :).

I was born in a post colonial era, we were very much influenced by the English colonial rule and I grew up reading romance novel by Millsandboon : Romance Novels.

Sometimes my sister and I would get into trouble with my mom because we would fool her by turning our bedroom light off and then we would turn on the light again once she got into bed. But, she's too smart to be fooled :).

Like I say you will never grew too old for love, spoil yourself tonight by picking up a few romance novels to read from the site : Romance Novels.


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