Do you waste your times when you are stressed for time ?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

When I am stress, this is what I do.

Look at real estate pictures and think of moving, relocate because I know I cannot do it in the midst of my exams and 1 million other studies things.

What do you think of this house ?

I love light, I love house that has lots of sunshine :). I love window where it gives me a full view of my backyard and I love high ceiling. My present house does not have all these features because I was dumb when we first bought our 1st home.

This is the house I fancy when I browse our area's of house for sale :

Go this link and look at it at their virtual tour : here.

Tell me if you like the house, what are the features you like. It is not a big house and the price is at the low end for our area.

** This is definitely not a paid post.
Just want to share with you when I am stress, I waste time . I don't crave or eat comfort food like a lot of others do, I waste time on doing things I should not because I am cramped for them, but well, sigh !