Friday, October 26, 2007 is a plumbing training company which was established three years ago.

They have plumbing agents throughout the UK and have a large variety of courses available such as :
City & Guilds 6129 Level 2 Technical Certificate - Basic Plumbing Skill.
NVQ Plumbing Course Level 2.
Part P Electrical Course - Defined Scope Scheme

All the plumbing courses are regularly run with qualified staff and approved training centers. They are ready to cater all your plumbing training needs.

Recently, they have received a lot of inquiries from a lot of their qualified plumbers about sales and how they could better their own business. They decided to investigate on the sales area which turned out to be extremely popular. Due to the popular demand, they decided to expand their business into sales training and you can check it out on : Sales Courses UK

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Karl Goldfield - Sales Trainer said...

I could not agree more. Also check out Skip Anderson's Selling to Consumers blog and site.

Periodic.Testing said...

Yes i have checked it out a good source