My car purchase journey

Thursday, September 27, 2007

As some of the readers wrote before in this blog that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is dipolar. I said $ is good and handy when you need them and it is ironic that $ loves friends, they like company.

Wed : Hubby found out our old van breath its last.

Friday : CHOICE.
I went by Nissan and Toyota's car dealers place at 8:30am.
5 cars were in the short list, from Nissan , Hyundai, Saturn , Honda to Toyota. From compact family car , SUV to Monster truck.

6:30pm : hubby and I test drove 2 2006 Nissan Sentral.
It's $24,495, not a chance of discount.
Both cars have 38k, 46k mileage . We were not too pleased with the amount of mileage on both cars.

7:00pm : we moved on to Toyota dealership place, huge place, even have golf cart driving you around to pick up your dream car.
Sale guy showed us a few used 2006-2007 used certified Toyota family car, ranges from Corolla to matrix.

I like matrix because it is so compact but in term of $/space, it is no where comparable with Corolla.

We decided on the 2006 used certified. In America, this is the standard of Toyota used certified car, here.

We thought it would be good for our 2nd family car. We want our close friend who is a mechanic to have a look at the machine before we buy. Manager said " Go ahead and drive home but I don't know why you need your mechanic friend to look at it, all Toyota used certified car had to go through the whole bunch of inspection, do you think your mechanic friend is better than our bunch of mechanics ?"
I said : "You bet !
The sale guy said "Drive to Las Vagas, you had a full tank."

Did we go to Las Vagas, NO, we drove home and sleep.

2PM we drove to our friend home, he checked it, said superb engine, did not even have new paint on it, everything original.

3pm : we went to dealer ship place, asked them to do a few checks :

1. Blue Book on how much this car worth
$17k without all the accessories this car have : sunroof, alloy wheel, automatic car lock and power window, auto cruise.

2. Carfax on who owned this car before.
Was rental car and got auctioned last weekend at orlando.

Manager asked for $15,599 on this car.
I said : "$15k, take it or I walked."

He came back and said "Let's make it easier on the deal, $14,999."
We shacked hand, and the deal is done.
Fill in paper, check our credit and did a loan on our car.
Now I am a slave to our credit union for 60mths. But, you know the next few months, I am going to pay all back with one of my gold stock :).

6pm : We drove out of Toyota car dealer the used certified 2006 Toyota Corolla.

In America , credit rating is very important on one purchase power, if you have good credit, you have power !

Next year, this will bes my car ! Toyota Tacoma.


You see why a Kuchingian love America life so much ? EFFICIENT !


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