Genius who changed how we live today

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I was very fascinated by this piece of news at CNN today. Geniuses who will change your life.

None but one of these geniuses really interest me because I have always wondered why were aerospace engineers so way behind other areas of engineers. Look at computer, internet, telephone technologies, they have long surpased aerospace technology advancement. I cannot believe 30years ago it took me exactly the same time to travel from New York to Sydney as it is now. How on earth no aerospace engineer has taken any innovative step to shorten the time of travel ?

Well, this piece of research news really cheer me up !
Quote directly from CNN News :

“Thomas A. Jackson, aerospace engineer

Piloting a real-life Luke Skywalker X-wing fighter is every aeronautical engineer’s fantasy, and Thomas Jackson is helping make it a reality.

A scientist for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Jackson is setting the direction for the supersonic combustion ramjet — aka, the scramjet. By scooping up oxygen from the atmosphere as it ascends, the scramjet eliminates the need for the heavy liquid oxygen and solid oxidizer used by a typical space shuttle.

And once it catches on, it will revolutionize air travel. How does a 2-hour flight from New York to Sydney sound? Or a layover on the Moon? And the best thing is, it’ll all happen sooner than you think. In April 2007, NASA successfully test-powered a hydrocarbon-fueled scramjet engine to Mach 5.”

In fact, I was thinking about this kind of concept since 1990. During those times, I traveled a lot for my work. I lived a jet setter life style because I was managing projects in Hong Kong, K.L, Singapore and Kuching. I was young then so it did not take a lot of toil on my body. However, my recent trip to Malaysia which took me more than 30hours did take a lot of toil on my body which has aged since 1990.

I hope I can live to travel a 2-hour flight from New York to Sydney. I really dream that I get to live to that day.