The definition of friends

Saturday, September 29, 2007

How do you define friend ?

Good friends, bad friends, best friends, bestest friends ?

Tuesday I received a get well card from one of my girlfriends from the church we used to go.
Her husband is one of the fire fighters who would be in the 911 team have he not gone to the church on Sunday. His team mates must have told my girlfriend husband about my situation on Sunday.

I was very touch because for me to received a card from her on Tuesday, she must have posted the card on early Monday morning.
I felt quite guilty because she was the one who visited me when I had my baby, brought me soups, vitamins, breast bump and baby clothes. She is a very introvert girl, has a quiet and gentle spirit that attracted me a whole lot. I felt guilty because I had not call her for a long time. I did not even send her a card on her 2nd child arrival !

For some reasons, I am very attracted to people (especially women) who has quiet and gentle spirit. I covert those virtue because I don't have. But, I especially can't stand women who speak with here say, no facts, no figures, oh how I hate it !

I am very blessed to have friends who came along my life and have left beautiful foot prints in my life. Some helped me beyond my belief but many betrayed me beyond my belief as well.

My angels (1).

One of my angels in life was one of the pastor wife in Malaysia. This lady is a very unique lady, a convent Assunta girl, graduated as a registered nurse from UK, married an Electrical engineer. Both of them wanted very much to serve God full time as pastor and wife of pastor. They left their good jobs in U.K and helped a pastor in K.L in a very small home church. They lived a very humble life, their monthly allowances depended on people charity of love gifts. But, She has very fine taste. She is a very generous lady despite not having a lot of material wealth. I remembered never in one Sunday she did not have visitors for lunch in her humble small house in Sedang. When I first met her, I just came back from Australia after many years, she thought I might be Westernized and whenever I informed her I would visit her, she would cook up some very authentic English meal which would always include a Shepperd's pie.

During my back sliding years in my Christian faith, she had never forgotten to encourage me back to the folks. She wrote, she called and she asked people where my about. I had never returned her phone call, never wrote back (but I collected all her beautiful cards that she collected over the years in England) and I had never told her where I had disappeared.

When I finally returned to God again, she contacted her network to get in touch with me and asked them to take good care of me.

There was this thing she did for me I will remember till my death bed.

One day I called her up and told me I am going to commit suicide that night if I could not find $ to pay my debtors. I did not know where she got the courage to do whatever she needed to do to help me. She was able to raise all together RM$250k for me. I asked her " Did you rob the bank, how on earth , you , a home maker, a poor pastor wife (they only had like 10 families in the church and most families are not well to do Indian families, like dock workers, etc..). She said " Don't worry, the money comes from legal source.". I said, :" No, I cannot accept it, you don't worry about me, you take care of pastor and your family." I hanged up and I found my own way to repair my debt. She told me if I accept, she was going to fly in to my town to give me the money. I will never forget this woman even at my death bed.

There are many others but today I only want to mention one angel and Lucifer.


Lucifer, the fallen angel. Lucifer was a family friend. She was extremely nice to me. She took me to dine in a lot of fancy restaurants, brought me to attend a lot of "who and who in town" fancy parties,brought me to attend the most fancy fashion shows, all expense paid. She even bought me a return ticket from Sydney to Europe but I turned it down. But, Lucifer had never been good. She had planes and she executed them one by one. Lucifer stole my finance and gotten my finance to marry her because he gotten Lucifer pregnant under the influence of alcohol.

I have many Lucifer friends. Some of them I gotten good jobs for them through my contacts, some of them I introduced them friends and social circle when they were new in a new country, some of them I helped them in their school works, but arrrh, what can I say, they are Lucifers !

So, how do you define friend ?