Kuching kopitiam.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kuching Kopitiam !

As I promised I will take some photos of the Kopitiam in Kuching. My son and I took a 4-weeks vacation in Kuching. And these are some of the Kopitiam photos I managed to ta

How could one goes on before having a real dark Kuching kopi ? It is better than any starb

Kopi with some chicken feet ? Ya... that is breakfast for me before I went to visit my dentist...

These is one of the Kopitiam in Kuching 7 mile bazaar. The guy is so excited that he will be featured in my blog :)-. Yes, his 'Cha Kuey Tuey' is one of the best in town, big fire :)-

And of course, not forgetting my friend Jackie kopitiam at Kenyalan Park bazaar.

More Kopitiam...