Is blog traffic important to you ?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

In the blogosphere, we talk about blog traffic all the times.
We display our Alexa's rank, our Google rank and our top commentators at the most prominent areas of our blog.

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Is traffic important to us bloggers ?

Of course, it is.

If you said no, then you must be one of a kind. Please come back to me in 6 months time and tell me if you enjoy talking to yourself.

Blogging is like having a voice in the internet, you talk and you expect audiences. Audiences in this case are your readers. I don't think any stand up speakers like to talk to an audience of wall , do you think so ?

Well, can we learn from bloggers who have been around longer in the blogosphere about generating traffic to our blogs ? You bet.

I found the post written by John Wesley on 27 Lessons Learned on the Way to 3000 Visits a Day and 2200 RSS Subscribers very helpful. This post also generated 159 Comments. I would be more than happy if my post generate 50comments :). If you are interested, here.

But after you read that article, do you feel overwhelmed, kind of thinking like this ? How to Handle Information Overloaded. I thought Ken Xu article on How to Handle Information Overloaded comes very timely . There are so much information out there and sometimes you wonder how do you digest all the information you need. So, please read how Ken handle that, here. Ken xu is not only very well verse technically but he is very humorous, read his article on Rabbit and Turtle Race in Blogging, here, you will be comforted.

I hope you enjoy this blog and drop by now and then to boost my blog traffic :).