How do you like to be in the list ?

Friday, September 21, 2007

I would like it very much and would certainly feel like this !

According to ebizmba dot com, these are the top 30 popular blogs,

ranked by a combination of Inbound Links from Yahoo Site Explore (entire site not including internal pages), Alexa Rank, and Compete and Quantcast U.S. Unique Monthly visitor data. Blogs that are only a part of a non-Blog site are not included (i.e. Google Blogs).

And guess what ? One of my favorites : icanhascheezburger dot com is ranked No. 21.

And of course BoingBoing dot net is at No.11.

This is the LINK to the article and you might like to scroll all the way down to see if your blog is listed ! :). Have fun doing it !