You do not want to miss this pain relief gel !

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I did not know that open heart surgery can screw up my upper back (from the neck down all the way above waist). Though I got back my heart but my back is screwed, I have to live with chronic back pain. I go to a chiropractor every month to relief my back pain. My chiropractor told me 85% of his patients are post open heart surgery patients. He said when you laid still on that operating table for more than 8 hours, your back will never be the same again. He was right.

This is me after my recent pacemaker generator implant.

My chiropractor sell a pain relief product that is not half as good as "Freeze It" relief gel : Freeze It.

As someone who has chronic pain, I can say I am an expert as far as pain relief gel is concerned. I used many different products but none of these products work as good as "Freeze It".

This is what I do with my back, gently rub Freeze It® on the skin surrounding the sore muscles on my upper back. If you have arthritis pain, massage Freeze It® all around the affected area.

Why do I love "Freeze It" product especially the 3-oz. Roll-on. These are 3 main reasons :
1. Convenient and Easy to Apply
2. Hands Free Applications
3. Ability to Reach Difficult Areas

Now you may enjoy the short video by 'Freeze It'