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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Have you ever experienced lost of data either online or off line ? Last semester, our school lost our final exam grades and it was quite a disaster event the faculty had to experience. Unless you had that experience, you would never have know how painful it is to lost all the data that you have got !

Today, I want to introduce you with this service : Anytime@Anywhere offsite backup.

Anytime@Anywhere online backup servicebackup your files over an encrypted connection to our online backup servers. Subsequently each backup copies only those parts that changed since the last online backup.

It is a
proven technology, easy to manage and much safer than the old ways.

You might like to explore some of the features that have :
1. Demo : Backupdemo
2. Free trial : No Credit Card is required!
3. Express Plans : Light version
4. Professional Plans : Multi-platform, robust and secure client software

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