Digital Cameras

Friday, September 28, 2007

Before I used to own a digital camera, I used to own "throw away" camera or you might call it disposable camera.
After I have taken the photos, I will scan my pictures with my scanner and store them in my hardware. The process of bring those photos to be printed in store such as CVS, Walmart or Wellgreen took times and on top of it with scanning and storing on hardware took a fair bit of my time.
I am so glad that they invented digital camera, the old way of going to store is no longer my way of life, YA ! I owned 2 digital cameras, both are FijiFilm.

Today I would like to bring to your attention here : canon cameras.

They have quite a comprehensive selection of digital cameras and you definitely do not want to miss their top of the line canon cameras : canon cameras.

I think in our digital age, having a digital camera is like having a microwave with every family, it is a must have tool. We use digital camera to capture family moments, important
milestones, sporting events, travels and funs outing.

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