Money, your definition.

Friday, September 28, 2007

This is one of the posts that I have that has no links to what so ever pages, it is as most original you can find. It is seaykopitiamism :).

$ means different thing to different people. Some think money is the source of evil, some think it is the source of greed.

As far as I am concern, money is a source, a tool which I can utilize to do things which I think are meaningful. Things that can have a positive impact on people life.

There was a Christian man in Brunei who has changed the way I look at money.

When I first exposed to his idea, I was overwhelmed, it was so simple but it's very efficient and useful way of looking at $.

When you talk to him about $100, $1000, $1 million dollar, he can tell you in a quantify manner.

For eg. when he talked about $100, he can tell you $100 can let you buy a week of grocery which include :
a. # of pack of rice
b. # gallons of milk
c. # loaves of bread
d. # kg of xx vegetables
e. # kg of xx meat
and so forth and forth.

And when it goes to bigger figure such as thousands, he can tell you how this $xk can be related to setting up a company.
a. # chairs
b. # tables
c # computers
d. # of months rentals

and so forth and forth.

I am a amazed that he knew the estimated figures of all these tangible items (from branded to lesser brand).

To him, money is a tool where he operates his household, his business and his fundings in God works (missionaries).

I have seldom seen a person who utilizes money so efficiently than this Christian man. He has never gotten a loan purchasing cars, houses or even his company. He is debt free from head to toes !

In fact, when I think about his philosophy about money , it relates well to my blogging philosophy.

Why do you blog ? Why do you want money ?

What do you want to blog about ? What do you want to use your money for ?

How do you go about blogging ? How do you go about finding money ?

I see from this man when you find the reason for a, the rest comes easy.

The thing that impressed me the most about this guy was after the Brunei Prince saga , the business scenario in Brunei was really bad, a lot of Singaporean, Malaysian business men 'tutup pintu' (meaning close shops) and gone back to Singapore and Malaysia. It was because the economy was not conducive anymore, a lot of people went bankrupts and many were forced to 'balik kampung' (gone home) but this guy had all the spare cash he had. He bought really cheap cars from the bank because a lot of car owners did not have the means to pay the bank anymore. He got one of the cars for less than 1/10 of its worth and he used that car as spare car for missionary who came by that way so they have a car to drive when they were in Miri or Brunei. He also bought a lot of "lelong" (auctions) furnitures from companies that were going to close shops. Most people and business down sized except my friend, in fact, he up sized his business during those times.

This guy has some how became my mentor about how I looked at money, and how I managed my money.

Yes, talk about money, gold index $HUI has gone up a whole lot the last few days. If this graph does not convince you that gold investment is the once-of-a life time investment. I don't know what and how anymore :).


Have a nice day !