23 things about me

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I was tagged 3 times and I have written 23 things about me :).

They are :

1. Top 8 secrets about me !

2. 8 random facts about me !

3. 7 random things about me !

I think you might be interested , so head over to my new kopitiam


U.Lee said...

Hello Pretty lady. Not sure how to address you, as ada two names here. Kayatan, your callsign and Seay. So x'cuse, huh.
WOW! And double Wow! Is that you in profile pic?
Now this is what I love best, kaypoh sibuk to a stranger's blog, not be knowing (not my English, learned from my contractor old days) male (please forgive me here) or Female and then like playing poker klik open the blog see one shot 3 Aces! WhooHooo!
For a moment thought I kaypoh mistake masuk into Taiwanese actress blog by mistake, check the nama, correct, what.
By the way, I ada confuse sikit, you down under in Incik Crocodile Dundee's land or G. Bush's brother's State, Florida, US?
Knew when see a pretty lady sure ada confusion.
Anyway, I will go peep into your secrets, aha, sounds like Victoria's... ahemmm. Ha ha.
You have a nice day, pretty lady. UL.

kayatan said...

u.lee joker :)-,

Yes, the pic in the profile is me. But if have been here a bit, you know this picture was taken many years ago :). And plse don't confuse the pic of Catherine zeta jones and me :)-.

U just have genuiss stout or Hennekien ? before come into the kopitiam ?

3 A's ? I thought you should get straight baru good ? :):):).

I am in Bush land , was in crocodile land for many monkey years :):)-

U want beer, I buy for you, not need to say I like Tawainese actress, fung fei fei :):), ha ha ha ha.



U.Lee said...

Hi Jamy, aha, this your name, huh? Nice name. Ohh, re the 3 A's, you play poker, huh? But starting not yet formal introduction, also kelang kabote so many doors and names, say 'straights' or 'full house', afraid you might think I try to goreng you, ha ha. Just kidding.
Ohh, you in Sungkist land, huh? Thats one place I want to go one day, do sea fishing for Tarpon.
No la, I don't drink beer before go visit blogs, especially stranger's, only iced coffee, Maxwell House of course.
And no, I did not get your lovely pic champor with Michael's wife Zeta, (anyway I prefer Salma Hayek or Carmen Electra, or Michelle Yeoh)ladies wearing hats always facinate me.
By the way Jamy, is SEAY your last or middle or second last name?
To me looks short cut for 'Sweet, Elegant, Alluring, Young'. Ha ha.
Okay, I took a peep at your three secrets, hmmm, very interesting.
Okay, will pop in once awhile. You keep well Jamy. UL.

kayatan said...

Aiya, why u so 'loso' one.
Aiya, confuse people is my main talent :):).

Who are these people u talk abt "(anyway I prefer Salma Hayek or Carmen Electra, or Michelle Yeoh)", u sure they from this planet ?

Goreng me ? Nanti I goreng uncle lee :)-

Aiya, why u name me so many name one. Seay is husband name lah, tan is my father name. Kayatan is my real time, jamy is my nickname. U can remember all that or not leh ?

Aiya, why u like lady wear hat leh, that picture i wore hat cos I no place go salon (was here for 1 mth to visit angmo boyfriend here), hair so many days didn't wash, aiyo, busok until have to use hat lah :)-

U got diabetic or not lah, why so sweet one :).

U memang confuse me with other woman :"To me looks short cut for 'Sweet, Elegant, Alluring, Young'. Ha ha. "

I am garang and tua :):)-

Come by whenever u are free.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jamy, ha ha, love your sense of humour. "Garang and tua". Hey! I am slightly south of 65. But not on ahemm pills yet.
Re the names I mentioned, they Hollywood Hispanic actresses, and Michelle Yeoh, an Ipoh girl who acted in 'Crouching tiger, hidden dragon' as well one of the 007 movies, main actress.
Re you mentioned, "tua", I checked out your profile pic again, saw something in your eye. Nope..just a sparkle.
You keep well, Jamy. UL.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jamy, its me again. Was about to chabut from your blog, but kaypoh again and scrolled down to bottom and Holy Smoke, that you, huh? In that dark blue snowflake t-shirt?
Wow! The kind of photo one shows to Santa Clause what one wants for X'mas, ha ha.

kayatan said...

Hi my public admirer :),

I am just kidding you abt the actresses :):).

About the pill, it is the biggest profit generator for Malaysia pfzier gp.

About this sparkle :"I checked out your profile pic again, saw something in your eye. Nope..just a sparkle.", my mom once asked my sister ex bf this q once, "Why 1st attracted you abt her.". He said :"Her eyes, they talk."

When I was in H.K, this young guy who was like 7yrs younger than me one day told me "Do you know your eyes talk ?"

Then this woman that worked with me told me :"Do you know you flirt with your eyes."

It is like being jailed under ISA without any self defence.

What to do with I am inherited with the beauty of Melanau blood :)-

kayatan said...

When u are cheap and frugal and with figure like mine, a-50cents off Xmas sale t's still works its wonder, ha ha ha ha ha.

U.Lee said...

Hi Jamy, hey! You have Melanau genes? Holy Smoke, HONESTLY, when I saw your pic, I did wonder you look like a Phillipino or Thai or Vietnamese, but dared not ask.
Wow! And you from East Malaysia too.
Was there ages ago, Sibu, Bintulu, KK, Kuching as well visited couple of very deep jungle Orang Ulu's long houses. Drank Tuak like no tomorrow!
But it was the beauty of the Kadazans, Bidayu's and Melanaus (from Sabah), ahemmm, ladies that facinated me.
They have that kind of special exotic, eyes too, betwitching looks can make a man forget his mother's name, ha ha.
You know, its funny, when I left Malaysia 20 years ago, I thought thats it! No more chatting with beautiful Malay ladies, and then like you I learned about blogging, then its a shock and thrill to find out, to know albeit thru cyberspace Malay ladies, and now a gorgeous Melanau lady. Melanau's have a very interesting and colourful history if I remember. You not the daughter of a big chief, huh? Ha ha.
My lucky day... day before for being kaypoh masuk your blog, but glad I did.
You in US long time? UL.

kayatan said...

I am only abt 1/16 lah :).
Father maternal and paternal side's of woman all Melanau.
U know in those area (Muka , daro) areas lots of Melanau's jaja trader. Long time, this tribal gp oleri a bit more advance than other gps in term of trading :). The cina took their women like nobody biz.

My mom pure blood, 1st generation. Very very pure, parents directly from China's imperial palace. She looked down on everythhing Malaysian lah. Everyday scold her ancestor, crazy woman :)-

No relation at all, though from similar kampung areas :)-

Life is like a box of chocolate, never in my life wanted to marry angmo. IF want, long time marry oleri. Lived in crocodile dundie land 20yrs. Never said yes. Until went back and stayed in Brunei's kampung, no fish prawn also good.

Married and angmo and lived here for abt 7yrs now.

Ok lah, quite good, no complain, semi retire, very lucky :)-.

Yalah, all the times people mistook this that.

Once in Aus's pub, one guy think I am so cheapo from the land u mentioned, graped me and kissed. I kicked him with the kungfu my papa taught. He is ShouLin master lah :).

Blogging is fun esp. when I recieved compliment from a young ciku saying that I look 50/50 Catherine zeta/Kelly Clarkson. No need to buy lift up cream oleri :)-
And when receive compliment from you Ah Pek, my heart skip 1 beat :):).

Ha ha ha. Enjoy yr last post a lot , taking me to the memories land :).