Vienna of America

Friday, July 06, 2007

OK, ok, ok, I might sound like a man for I talk about investment, about making $ all the times but deep down I am a little bit romantic lah :):).

If there is a place on this earth which I vote for the world most romantic place, it has to be Vienna. Vienna is very a very arty farty kind of place, a lot of outdoor cafes, a lot of art galleries, a lot of museums; and the summer nights seem to be longer than anywhere else because you see people sitting around outdoor cafes until very late. It is a city that lovers meet :):)

Anyway, there is a Hokkien saying :" Bo hoo hey a hoh ". Literally translate, if you cannot have fish, shrimp will do :), go for 2nd best :):). Asheville, North Carolina reminded me so much of Vienna. Now that I am a mommy, Asheville will do lah :):).

If these pictures cannot convince you, I don't know what else my friends :)-.

Thai outdoor restaurant.

Chinese outdoor restaurant.

The rest are Angmo outdoor cafe or restaurants :).

Street artist - A magician.

Arts display.

Art and craft shops and art galleries.


So, did I sell Asheville, North Carolina well ? Do you think I convince you that it is as romantic as Vienna :):). This is not a paid post. It is written from the bottom of my heart :)

And if that is not enough :) , ok, here lah... the princess and the prince live happily ever after , the end :):). Habis cerita !

** This post is dedicated to my best e-friend Bee Ean who could not visit my blog now because she is in the process of moving to her new apartment and her apartment's internet is not up yet. But I pray that her internet will be up very soon. BE, I miss your post :)-