It FINALLY happen ! After all these 5years !

Friday, July 06, 2007

Newmont Clips Its Hedges by David Bogoslaw. This is an incredible news for us gold investors, knowing that the biggest gold producer takes such step , we know something is brewing in the global economy, especially America !!! It is like Noah and the great flood...

Quote from the above article "It took five years of sustained increases in the price of gold, but Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM) has finally decided to call a halt to its bets that gold prices won't continue to rise."

I could not believe it even when I read it but it FINALLY happen !!! It took 5 long years of continuous increase in the price of gold before the giant gold company
throw the towel.

We should see gold moves towards US$1000 very soon !!! Be prepare for the rocket launch !!!!

With me blogging on my personal blog heavily recently, I have neglected my gold investment but boy something is brewing ! Even with gold down, $HUI is up. $HUI is the gold stock index. Yes, I am making money on my gold investment. I can only sincerely tell you nothing will beat gold in the next 10 years in term of investment.

What is $10 or $20 of paid post where you can gain 300-400% profit within 1-2 months ?

I wrote this article on March 12th, look at how much this gold stock has gone up ?
This research is done by a geologist friend of mine. A Kuching girl who resides in New Zealand now. I did not buy any share at the time of writing but I did buy some after I consulted my investment guru. He said my girlfriend article was one of the best he has read and he recommended highly on the stock. If you have bought it around March or April, you could easily turn US$1k to US$3k now. You probably has to write a lot of paid post to get that kind of $ :). I am not saying paid post is bad but DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY, DIVERSIFY !!!!!!!!!

A picture worth a thousand words !



kuanhoong said...


Great news that you have made the right choice of investment. :-)

Bee said...


You certainly have good eyes in terms of investment. You certainly are a gold lady!

JennyHow said...

hmm, gold investment. interesting! maybe i should start to look into these as well.

How do I get started if I am in Malaysia. ah, maybe you can really revamp your gold n silver blog to start from scratch, like teaching a baby how to walk.

i'd like to learn more about gold investment seriously.