Obsession !

Sunday, July 08, 2007

After my post about how many blogs you read everyday, I knew for sure that blogging obsession is brewing globally.

Are you blogging for success ? or you are blogging for blogging ?

I know Kenxu of mysiteadvisor blogs for success. This fellow is really passionate about blogging. He wakes up 4:30am everyday to do his blog and he has a full time job !!!. If you want to catch his fever, you need to visit his blog everyday !

Some people hope to blog so they can get out of their rat race ? like this guy in Malaysia, he called himself Zewt., which I have no clue of what Zewt mean !

I start off blogging because I am fed up with some forums that I have joined. So I started blogging with VENGANCE passion. I wanted to prove that my blog can be more popular than the forums that I visited. With the increased traffic in my blog, I knew I am making it :)-.

Also over times, I have started to read certain blogs like my morning coffee :), an addiction :). In fact, coffee has been proven (medically) beneficial to women who might have depression issue (an alternative prevention than cure). I read somewhere that my president Bush drinks 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning :). I must have read it from one of the news on CNBC business news :)-.

These are a few blogs that are my addictions. One of the reasons they have become my addictions is because these blogs contain a lot of useful material for new blogger like me and they have a positive impact on my blogging habit.

These are the 3 AsianTech Know How blogs that I read daily :
Kuanhoong.com - http://www.kuanhoong.com/
Ken Xu - http://blogs.mysites-advisor.com/
JennyHow - http://www.jennyhow.com/

Do you like to share with me what are you daily read blogs ?


kuanhoong said...

Hi Jamy,
Thanks for mentioning my blog :-)

JennyHow said...

wah, another mention, i'm really flattered, jamy! at first i thought my name is on the big red font again. Know 'How' :D

zewt said...

hey jamy.... i have explained that zewt means here.... http://zewt.blogspot.com/2007/06/zewt-mystery-in-century-entry.html

detailed description of it.

kayatan said...

Might be I am just dumb :), I have not figure it out yet !

Ken Xu said...

Wooow! Thanks for the appreciation, Aunty Jamy! ;p
I did wake up at 4.30 am. But I start blogging at 5.00 am. Well, because I don't have a time to blogging because blogging will eat up lots of time! :)

zewt said...

i am very sure you're not dumb jamy... definitely not you :)