Summer Holiday 2007 (1)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

We have a wonderful holiday. We went to Chattanooga, TN for 2 days then we stopped by Knoxville, TN to visit University of Tennessee @ Knoxville where the VOLS (the university football team) was located.

We then droved to Pigeon Fort (where Dollywood was located) and Gatlinburg. However, we gave up on going to Pigeon Fort and Gatlinburg(heart of the smoky mountain) because the traffic was horrible. It must be the Fourth of July's traveling bug. It is a pity that we did not make it this time because that area has the best scene of Smoky mountain.

After our U-turn back, we drove to Asheville, NC. A city where the outdoor cafers never sleep. The next day we went to Black Mountain, NC for a day trip. Areas around Black mountain are beautiful and a lot of quaint little towns. If you are into Billy Gram the evangelist, you know he lives in Montreat, N. C, which is in Black Mountain area.
When we got back to Asheville, we walked around the downtown area. Asheville though is not a big city but it has this cosmopolitian feel of a big city, lot of open cafes, lot of art galleries, lot of funky kind of shops.

At the Georgia rest area. See how we love race car ?

Going through Atlanta city , Georgia. Do you know CNN headquarter is in Atlanta ?

To the mountain we go :)

Tennessee, here we are !

Tennessee's river front.

The Rage music and life band.

The SouthernBelle playing country music while sailing along.

And I am enjoying this good time with my monkyet :)


ColourMeCrazy said...

That looks like a really fun holiday!!

Blur Mommy said...

Nice photos! I like the last one where u and ur son relaxing! Was up in Gatlinburg last yr & ya, that place is getting so crowded nowadays.

BeeLee said...

Atlanta was my first stop when I flew to USA to work back in year 2000. I was there for only 1 week, stayed in the motel most of the time to go through phone interview with clients. I thought Coca Cola's headquarter is there too but I might be wrong :)

kayatan said...

Do u live in the South ?
Ya, they are getting too crowded esp. during the public holiday.
Glad that u like me and my monkey :)-

kayatan said...

How long were you in the states ?
Yes, coca cola is in Atlanta as well.
Atlanta is a big city. It is within the top 10 big cities. The metropolitan area has > 4million people.
It is a city we drive past but never stop. Hubby stayed there a few mths while he was doing some studies there.
We both don't really fancy big cities.

My humble opinion abt a place is a place is only a place if it is not for the people :)-

You know one of the thing about marrying local angmo is able to go to places which is not known by tourist only. If I have married a Malaysian guy and we both migrate here, most likely the places we go are tourist places :):). But with locals, they know all the lubangs and places where only the locals go :):).

kayatan said...

A lot of these places we went were hubby childhood holiday places also. Late mother in law had wonder lust. She said it's cheaper to travel than seeing a psy :). Hubby traveled all over 48states of America in their RV while growing up :). His parents always had summer off cos both of them were professors who had summer off :)-

Blur Mommy said...

I used to live in South Fl but now I'm in Seattle.