A creative idea, do you have one ?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Many people write about how to make $ on the internet through blogging. Many people think of making lots of $ through honest mean and dishonest mean. Many people boast of their success, many people keep quiet about their success.

I never forget what my late paternal grandma who was 1/2 Melanau used to tell me about a Chinese proverb : the same kind of rice produce many kind of people :). I think the English equivalent is every individual is unique.

I used to work for a very successful Entrepreneur who used to tell me something which I will remember for life. He said something along this line, when you want to get rich, don't think of how to make $, but think of how to be successful. $ will eventually follow success. They are twins. He always told me to think of creating something or some systems that will duplicate itself even after I die :).

So far, I have not created anything that is a real success or a hit except producing a son that is a duplicate of me :):).

Do you have a creative idea to share ? Whoever created this man made water fountain, sure do ! Isn't that intricate , you ask ? How could the faucet stand on its own ? Do you want to guess how the faucet stand on its own with running water. It is not done by the magician David Copperfield :)-.

In fact, the answer is very simple. It is a very innovative idea. The cost to make this water fountain is very minimum but it sure is a hot items on tourist spots on smoky mountain...


Wuching said...

aiya we got those here also, there's a clear pipe which the faucet is attached to & draws water from & runs back down along the pipe on the outside!

kayatan said...

If only we can think of that idea and get it manufactured in China, we probably would be millionaire now.
You know how many gift shops we have here in the state, just the smoky mountain alone ?
Let say there are 1000 gift shops alone on the smoky trail conservative figure). If you sell 1 per shop a day ? and multiply that with all the gift shops in America , eg. the rocky mountain resorts, Florida resorts etc...And if you go international like Germany, France etc. U pit lah :):):).

Aiyo, talk abt $ :)

JennyHow said...

hahaha, i love this line, makes my day lar jamy!

"So far, I have not created anything that is a real success or a hit except producing a son that is a duplicate of me :):)"

i want a duplicates like this also lar... But i think i'd die if he/she is really a duplicate of me.