A woman you love to hate !

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The local Sunday newspaper magazine's headline caught my attention and I cannot help myself blogging about this topics.

A woman you love to hate, she has everything a woman wanted to have. Rich, sexy and married to Micheal Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones. A woman you'd love to hate, an article by Jeanne Wolf.

Do you believe in perfect live in this planet called earth ? I don't ! According to this article, Catherine Zeta-Jones said that she never expected this life. She said she is living beyond her wildest-dreams. She is happy and is crazy in love with his husband who she has married for seven years.

I am very happy for her !

I personally think she is one of the most beautiful women on earth.

Wow, who can say that is not a perfect figure !

I have been married with my husband for seven years and I love my husband more and more each passing day ! But, it is not a perfect world, we give and take and there are sunny days and raining days :)-. I am thankful for every blessed day that the good lord has given me the last 45years !

How about this : rich , intelligent and married to John Sr :)-


kuanhoong said...

Ahem, I see your pose in the photo is the same with Catherine-Zeta Jone.. :P

kayatan said...

Without the short skirt, of course. U truly have to make an affort to make an appointment with the optometrist :):):)

kuanhoong said...

Well, my brother is an optometrist. I get free regular check-up every year. My eyes are perfect, 20-20 vision :P

kayatan said...

Hmmm... might be it does not have to do with eyesight problem, might be it has to do with illusion ? :):):):), ha ha ha ha :)

Cirnelle said...

The picture of you looks like the statue on your right is about to set fire to your hair. I think I need to get my eyes rechecked.

kayatan said...

Ha ha ha, only u can come out with such joke, ha ha ha ha.
In fact, u are right, this guy from this blog http://www.38kia.com leave a comment on my new blog http://seaykopitiam.com/

that :"Wahaha, you look like 50% Catherine Zeta-Jones and 50% Kelly Clarkson."

Nowsaday either the young people no manner to old people or there is a trend of younger guy love older women , ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Chee Kui said...

Maybe there is such a trend :p
You have been tagged!

kayatan said...

My heart skip a beat when I read this : "Maybe there is such a trend."

I will look into the tag :)-

ColourMeCrazy said...

Hey - I like your photo better!

kayatan said...

Ok, now we have quite a number of young people who need eye checks.

1. Kuanhoong - he claims he has 20/20 vision though.
2. 38 from http://www.38kia.com
3. Cirnelle saw my hair on fire
and now you colormecrazy !!
Semua of you chisin.

It is fun to blog :)-

mama bok said...

Hehhehe!! i likey your post..!
John Sr is a really lucky man..!!

kayatan said...

Mamabok, thank you !
I think I am a lucky woman :)-

Simple American said...

I think you are both lucky ladies. :)

Toast for the next seven years!

kayatan said...

Yes, a guinness stout for the next 7 yrs :)-

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