How to motivate yourself ?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I was inspired to write this article because I have read negative people blog and positive people blog.

Negative people blamed everyone, everything, every circumstances on earth except themselves. Positive people do not know let any excuses hinder them from achieving what they have set for !

It was very interesting to read people blamed their life destination on American's immigration policy. It is as if the only country to have a comfortable life or make it big is in America. They forget that there is a Lee Ka Shing ? It is very interesting to read people blaming their career mishaps on their employers.

But, the world is a wonderful place because there are more positive people than negative people. Blogs like these truly put a smile on my face.

A diabetics earning US$40k a year by blogging.
His blog : Battle Diabetes Blog.

And you ? A healthy person ? You complain ?

And why ? Are these stopping points stop you from moving ?

Your 15 BIGGEST Stopping Points by Jenny How

Blaming on others, on circumstances, on things is a coward behavior and bad attitude. The attitude will get you nowhere. Think again before you blame others, policies, circumstances the next time you want to do it !!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell yourself from today onwards to think positively. Give thanks to God for everyday HE has given you breath !!!


kuanhoong said...

Yup, I am thinking positively everyday.

I thank the almighty God too for creating this marvelous planet called Earth. A planet that is not too far from the sun, or else it will be too cold and not too close to the sun, or else it will be too hot for any organisms to live.

I am also thankful that there are bloggers that are willing to learn and share their daily life experience like BokJae at and Madam Jamy at her kopitiam :-)

ReviewSaurus said...

Wow! Wonderful post. Simple nice and true words! There are so many things and people around us, and we can thank each and everyone.

Not just for helping us in anyway, but for being in our lives. Imagine a life where you've got no one to talk or share your feelings.

JennyHow said...

wow, i am surprise to find my name suddenly written big big on your blog post, i thought i have commited a crime. :D

kayatan said...

Thank you rs !
I love your spirit !

Yalah, big crime u committed :)-

BeeLee said...

Hey Jamy, me me me ! I'm a positive thinker too :) And guess what ? You have been tagged !! Check it out ;o)

kayatan said...

BEE, good on you ! +VE !
I will check later. Will write asap.