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Monday, July 09, 2007

I wrote about the stock seabridge on Januaray 29th. At that time, I did not buy it but I did buy it later : This is cut and paste from my Ameritrade account.

01/30/2007 10:12:03
Bought 50 SA @ 11.15

This is the post I posted 6months back.

Wouldn't you love it if you have bought this stock ?

Then it looked like this :

Now it looks like this


JennyHow said...

errr, means what leh...

kuanhoong said...

SeaBridge Gold.
So Jamy how many lots you are holding now? :D

zewt said...

oh jamy... i am not playing in the US market leh. anyway, today i saw the shares which i sold at 0.72 went up all the way to 1.07.... i can only sulk.

kayatan said...

Kuanhoong, I only have 50shares. Not a lot in term of quantity but in term of % in profit it is a lot. I bought it at $11+ and it is $26+ now. My US$557.50 is now US$1313 after less than 6months. It sure is better than buying Prada or Gucci, don't you think so ? I am not saying you like Prada or Gucci, ok :):):)-

kayatan said...

This is answer to your question abt gold investment.
U are the second Asians who are interested in gold investment after I have been writing gold the last 3 years.

The 1st one ( a guy who is Malaysian but reside in US) bought a no. of gold stocks I have recommended because he said he gave his dad some $ to invest in Malaysian properties but the return was miserable. When I recommended him GG (gold corp, the largest US gold producer), it was $10. It is about US$30 now. This is one of the best stocks I have, you won't believe this stocks gave out 12months dividend every year. Very well managed. But, I have not invest a lot since their CEO left the company. I don't particularly like the new management. The other 1st tier silver company which I bought 3 years back was SSRI (Silver Standard Resource Inc), it went from $3+ to $40 now. It is the largest silver stock one could ever have. Even Bill Gates' silver stock does not do as well as SSRI (he is a big stock holder of Pan American Silver.

I earned a handsome sum on 1st tier producer miners the last few years. I am into explorer now. I hope to make as much money on my explorers the next few years like I have in my producer miners companies.

I intend to revamp my gold/silver investment blog as soon as I some time. My boy is down with cold so I might be a bit handful the next few days.

U are Kuanghoong are such encouragement to me. He keeps telling me don't give up my gold/silver blog cos it is a niche market. He is right ! And now I find someone who is interested.

I will come up with a bird eye view of gold/silver investment in a couple of days.

Stay tune !

kayatan said...


In a nut shell, accountants are only good in making $ for people :):):). Sorry, not being mean :):).

The world is getting closer and closer in the internet age. There is no such thing as America market or Malaysia market.

I store my e-gold in a gold vault in London and trade Indonesian gold stocks in Canada market.

What are you talking about this : "oh jamy... i am not playing in the US market leh". Hey, that is dinosaur talks lah :)-

What u are talking about is speculating, not investing : "anyway, today i saw the shares which i sold at 0.72 went up all the way to 1.07.... i can only sulk."

That is Malaysian way of playing stock in a Genting style !

When I talk about investment, I am talking about a strategy on asset class allocation. Plan on strategies according to the global market trend.

Yes, I started to talk like Mayank , BenedictHerold, Kuanhoong, KenXu which I have no clue of what those guys are talking about, ha ha ha ha ha ha.

beeean said...


I agreed with Kuanhoong that you should keep the gold investment blog. I keep asking the French whether they know of any gold companies in France but nobody knows. I researched online also no result. It's not that easy to trade internationally bcos you need to have an account with a US bank account and some of the online trading companies don't take foreigners. Also, you need to have capital to trade, if you only buy one share, what you earn will be offset by the cost.

kayatan said...


I think the best bet is buy e-gold where you can store it in London if u don't access with America's online broker. U can pay the e-gold with paypal account.

My next project is to find out what online brokers here allow foreigners to trade. I am sure there are some. To the Canadian broker, I am a foreigner (Americas), but they let me open a foreign account.

In fact, you don't need a whole lot of money to invest.I see these as more important than capital.

1. Understand investment strategy.
2. Patience (it takes time even for a good stock to grow in value, I don't believe in get rich quick kind of scheme).
3. Hard work - it takes a lot of work to research good companies to invest.
4. Delay gratification (sacrify on your other desires). People buy expensive Christmas present, but instead I used the $ for investment.

$50, $100 here and there end up to be a whole lot of $.

Go to this web site :

Most items there cost more than US$500.

Say instead of me buying a bag, I bought 50shares of SA on Jan :). Now I have 3 times the money. I am building up my investment portfolio as the days go by !

You might laughed at me, I started with US$800. Don't ask me how much I have now :). I don't like to show off my check like a lot of bloggers do :)-

JennyHow said...

actually i can see that you can make it into a very good blog. you just need to explain everything in layman terms as much as possible and assume all readers have no knowledge of gold investment. Start from the very basic, you need to educate ppl about it.

that will make it easier for all of us to read. and the layout can definitely be better.

Bee said...

Thanks Jamy,

Can you share how you can buy e-gold in London?

Jordans said...

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