A confused woman in love ! (part I)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

As she walked out of the airport,

she realized it was extremely hot and humid from where she just few in from.
The custom officers gave her some rough time. In her head, she was thinking how on earth would anyone possibly think she wanted to be an illegal alien in a place where communist ruled ! (7 years to be exact), but she kept herself calm and not made a scene.

It was a Friday afternoon but she went ahead and paid her client's site a visit, introduced herself to the account manager and of course the computer personnel. After a short visit, she checked into the apartment that her office

had rented for her. She thought it's a good size and pleasant location.

She slept well and went to work on Saturday morning refresh. She thought it would be good if she talked to a few end-users to find out what the old system was and what they expect on the new system. In between doing that, she sat herself on a computer at the end corner of the account department office. As she was trying to figure out the logistics of the software team she managed, she saw a male shadow reflection on the window. She turned around and said "Hello." It was a Saturday and it's a casual wear day. The guy had a white polo shirt and a blue jean. He said "Hello, busy with your programming.". She said "Nap, just trying to figure out the logistics of it.". She gave him the sweetest smile and asked if he wanted a chair to sit down. He pull out a chair nearby and sat with her for at least 30minutes while watching her doing things on the computer. She showed him some of the things she was doing and was so engrossed in her work that she forget to ask him which department he was from. She remembered him introducing himself as Che or something but she forgot. After about 1/2 hours she realized he was gone...

When she left her chair to go to the bathroom, she heard some giggles and some girls gave her grins . She heard them talking among themselves with Cantonese which she guessed was gossips on her.

After experiencing a few weeks of stressful Hong Kong life style, she wished she could only take a day off on Saturday or Sunday off. Yes, she worked every single day of the week and without fail she took the last underground train home every night. She wished she could just go out on the concrete jungle for a day ! This guy who worked with her in the computer room was really friendly with her. He bought her lunch and dinner when she could not squeeze in some time for her lunch and dinner. He brought her some warm sweaters when she forgot to bring any. As days went by, she started to notice his kind gestures. Sometimes, she wished she was not in such a high management position and 15years younger. She sighed and groped down her black espresso coffee. While watching the steel skyraper of H.K's sky, she casually asked him if there's any monk near by ? He looked at him and said 'Sure, you want me to bring you to a temple ?'. She said :'Sure, when ?'. He said 'How about taking a day off next Saturday'. She said "Hmmm..., let me think."

To be continue...


Wuching said...

part 2 is getting sexciting right?

kayatan said...

Are u bored ? Aiyo, Wuching :)-