Friday 13th news and gossips !

Friday, July 13, 2007

What do you do on Friday 13th evening ?

Any interesting news ?

I am not supertistious about Friday 13th and did not hear much about it in my Asian culture. But, we are very supertistious about the seventh month of the lunar calender for that is the month the hunger ghosts are being dispersed in the world to gather their food before they are sent to hell. Chinese people who are supertistious do not want to plan any event on the seventh month of the Chinese calender. But, 8 is a auspicious number for the Chinese. Heard of Alfa Romeo 168 ?

When I first went to Australia for my high school, I stayed with an Australian elderly lady. My land lady had a daughter who lived near by. She often stopped by my land lady house to check if she needed any grocery from the store.

I had my 1st encounter of Friday 13th culture. Before that, I did not pay much attention to Friday 13th. I remembered she asked me if there's anything special I was going to do for that evening. I said nothing special. She asked me if I was going to hide my shoe underneath my pillow that night. I laughed and asked her why. She said it's a common practice for young people to do that on Friday 13th night, put a pair of shoes underneath the pillow to dream of future wife/husband. I thought that was interesting but I told her I was not going to do it.

But guess what, I did :):):). Yes, I did and you guess who I dreamt of that night ? My boyfriend in Canada :):):). He was my high school classmate from Kuching whom I knew for many years. I left for Australia for my high school , he left for Canada for his high school. We corresponded for more than 2 years and we got engaged on my 21st birthday. We broke off after we were engaged for 1 year.

I personally think long distant relationship is very difficult to maintain, it takes a lot of trust and commitment to make it a successful one. I am not saying it does not work, my husband and I did survive in our 3 years or so long distance relationship.

So, those of you who are single, are you going to try putting a pair of your shoes under your pillow tonight so you can dream who will be your wife or husband ?

Before I sign off this Friday 13th night, these are some juicy news for you tonight !

I thought this is a cool piece of news, the 50best websites picks by Time magazine ?
This is the list ...

The site name I'm Too Young For This attract my attention.

No body is too old to live or too old to have cancer. It was still a shock to all of us when we heard that my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer. Though he is in his 70's but he is still too young to have cancer.

Wow, Kuanhoong's Twitter comes on 46th place !

Another attack on America soil ? Gee , this crazy people ! Why don't these al Qaeda and Taliban people learn to blog and write more "How to make $ on the internet", don't you think the world will be more peaceful ?

Happy Friday 13th night !

Please do not dream of me, it will be disaster :):):)


benedict herold said...

I didn't know much about these kinds of customs! It was interesting culture to be followed at least.. hiding shoes :) lol.. I couldn't resist me from laughing..!!

Cirnelle said...

I couldn't stop laughing at the " please don't dream of me" part. Hilarious! But, I'm phobic of all things with six legs. So, putting my smelly shoes under my pillow would double the chances of an uninvited creepy crawly cockroach having a paid tour while I sleep.

Also, doesn't it go against Chinese/ Asian belief that nightmares may occur if you don't wash your feet before you sleep? So, bringing your shoes (some more putting it where your head is) will just turn your slumber into one hell of an experience in Lala-land.

J.T. said...

Hi Jamy

Finally I can get into your blog again.

I did not know that practice for Friday 13th. I hate to think I will be breathing in the smell of my shoes. :D

You wrote: "Why don't these Al Qaeda and Taliban people learn to blog and write more "How to make $ on the internet", don't you think the world will be more peaceful?"
I think they are blogging and writing but they are doing it for the wrong reasons. I saw a documentary showing how they use websites to spread their idealogies and how to make dangerous stuff. I have never visited those websites and don't intend to. Why invite trouble? Visits to those sites can be traced. :O

kayatan said...

Aiyo, Cirnelle, can put the shoes in the plastic bag lah :)-

Aiyo, I am telling all the "bujangkoa" don't dream of Aunty Jamy , memang susah lah :).

U seems to like my joke , Cirnelle :)-

kayatan said...

Yap, JT, it is so stupid these people !

Cirnelle said...

That previous post comment by yours truly is called Cirnelle-not-using-her-head comment. Didn't even cross my mind about wrapping up the smelly shoes. Yes, you crack me up with your punchlines. said...

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