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Monday, July 09, 2007

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I am going to have a golden year !!
I love gold. I collect gold. I buy gold stock and I am a golden girl :):):).
Gold is best hedge for inflation and it is real money.

"How Do You Make Money in Gold Stocks?" By David Vaughn.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt drive Dubai gold sales up 34 per cent in June.

Gold Stocks vs. Oil Stocks By Greg Silberman.


kuanhoong said...

Yes, I can see it now.
You wearing all those golden bangles.. from head to toe

kayatan said...

Yalah, Kuanhoong, I even have gold teeth lah :)-

ReviewSaurus said...

Well, ladies & gold....can they be separated ?

kayatan said...

Aiya, Mayank, most likely u have not seen the post about the man with the golden touch :):)
Check it out, you will love it :)-
U will have a good laugh with the gold he sat on it :)

kayatan said...

June post on man with golden touch :)-

BeeLee said...

I don't like gold so I don't buy gold, seems to be a mistake looking at the gold price soring LoL

kayatan said...

U don't like gold ? I don't really wear a lot of gold jewelry but I am very heavily invested in gold stocks. I started investing in gold / silver / oil stocks 5years back. It is one of the life time investment. That is why I can semi retire at 45 :)-