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Monday, July 09, 2007

I don't know how I stumble into kuanhoong dot com but ever since I stumble into it, it is like a net that trap me in, I cannot go out, help !!!! It is too good not to treat it like your morning coffee if you are like me who love coffee in the morning, his blog is like a good brew coffee :)-.

Seriously, I learn a lot of good technical stuff from his blog. Even though I have a master degree in computer science 22 years ago but I am very new to the blog world.I learn a lot of stuff from his blog. His blog lead me to a whole new concept of blogging. To say, I have learn a lot from his blog is an under statement. In fact, I am quite embarrassed to even think of how messy my blog was before meeting kuanghoong on his blog. His pointers of a neater blog have been put into practice now :)-. [thank you]

His recent post on 10 Basic SEO steps by using Google Webmaster tools is very good for newbie like me. I have no clue about this before I read it. His recent 2 posts on 5 Important tools that allow you to understand your blog more and 3 simple ways to drive more traffics from Flickr were way too cool to miss !

I not only like kuanhoong technical skill and the willingness to help bloggers to make money, I like his attitude and values a lot. He is a very humble man. I know he is a very smart guy but he is very unpretentious and down to earth; all these values make him a very valuable man in the business world. In this era, there are tons of skilled technical people out there but it is difficult to come by with the kind of attitude and values that Kuanhoong possess. I was at an entrepreneur bootcamp last year @ Saint Antonio , Texas, that was exactly the issue we talked about : integrity, sincerity, humility and hardworking. The Bootcamp was not some fly by night kind of bootcamps, it was hosted by the son of the last America president candidate (Howard Philips) - Doug Philips. And all the speakers on the camp were reputable business men of America.

If you look at all the scandals we have in America, Enron etc..., you know it is not smart people we lack in America, it is people with integrity. If anytime my husband and I want a business partner, Kuanhoong would be first on our list.

Read more about what he has to say about this review from his blog. is a blog where you learn more about Make Money at Home. Currently, is celebrating its 2nd month landmark with a review me contest and if you review his blog, you can stand to win USD100 of cold hard cash!.

From kuanhoong dot com

Dear readers, as part of the celebration for my 2-month old landmark for my blog, I am going to start a review my blog contest vis-a-vis John Chow style. It is simple to win. All you have to do is to write a short review about, and at the end of the review period, I will choose the best review from the pool of reviews received. The winner will stand to win USD100 from me. The winning money will be transferred from my Paypal account.

More info :

# 3rd July - 2nd August 2007

Rules of Review:

* Write a 100 - 150 words review of on your blog or website. You can write whatever you want, it is totally up to you. Non-English reviews are welcome too!.
* Your review should be a blog post in HTML format. Please do not use any flash or images.
* Please use one the following anchor text “Make Money” or “Money Online” or “Make Money at Home” to link back to
* Please also link back to this page to show the rules of the review.
* Completed review with the URL of your review, your targeted keyword and your website URL should be trackbacked to this post, or you can leave a comment with your website URL on this post.

Not accepted sites:

* Porn / adult content blogs / gambling blogs
* Illegal sites
* Spam blogs / syndicated blogs
* Any blogs that are deemed to be not suitable by me

So far these are the people who had done the review. Why not you ?


kuanhoong said...

Hi Jamy,
Thanks for the review.
As per our conversation, if you do win, the money will go do donation for charity in Malaysia. :-)

kayatan said...

Sure, whatever charity you chose would be fine with me !

Ken Xu said...

Great and Long Review, Jamy!
I think he would very happy with this review.

kayatan said...

I think u did a better one than me !