Sydney,New Year Eve and Hotels !

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You do not want to miss the New Year eve celebration on Sydney Darling Harbor's, its fire work is one of the most spectacular scene you could ever encounter in your life.

It had never failed to amaze me how beautiful the Sydney's fire works was during New Year Eve.

There will be around 1.2 million people gathered around Sydney Darling Harbor to witness the magnificent firework with 12 hours of countdown and celebration. I remembered one year, there was this really crazy guy who run naked cross Sydney Darling Harbor Bridge and it was sure broadcast all over TV :)-

On December 21, Sydney will definitely becomes the New Year's Eve capital of the world. Do you know there will be a billion eyes focus on the Sydney Darling Harbor. On the stroke of midnight, you will witness a firework that has no predecense !

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