The internet is getting younger

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It has never amazed me to discover the age of people who blog and make it big on the net world is getting younger and younger.

1.15 years old - Blogging Kenneth (Philippines).

2.21 years old - Ken (Indonesia).

3.22 years old - Desibaba (Bengali-American)

Might be one day they might become like Kevin Ham :The man who owns the Internet. (total assets 300million @ age 37).

My 4 years old son has been playing on the internet for 3-4hours a day now if I don't stop him. He said he wanted to start his own blog. I asked him what do you want to name your blog , he said " JJ Jump !" :)- .

Add on blogger list from ReviewSaurus suggestion:

4. 22 years old Review Saurus


Ken Xu said...

I must get it! 300millions Asset in the age of 26! :))

I hope you cute little boy will get what he want too! What a young blogger! 4 years old! :))

Nowadays children is really something!

Wuching said...

they do have blogs for kids, checkout disney site...i think

ReviewSaurus said...

Aunty Jamy, if you can add me in that list too :) after all I am a 22 year old pro blogger :)

Apart from that, there are many bloggers from India who are just 14-15 year of age and are studying in school and are doing really good...Shankar ganesh, Rishi Raj, Sumesh..all these boys are doing great...I'm sure you can have a look at their blogs. Just search for their name and you'll get to see how much efforts they are putting in :)

kayatan said...

Plse let me know yr name, so I don't call u reviewsaurus all the time ?

1. are u from India ?
2. How old is Shankar, rishi sumesh
I will update the list when I get the info.
They did not disclose their age on their blog.

kayatan said...


Wow, u are ambitious eh ! 1 yr younger, u really kiasu eh !

kayatan said...

Thanks for the head up !

ReviewSaurus said...

My Name is Mayank Gupta & I'm from New Delhi, India. Well, Rishi is 15 yr. old. Shankar & Sumesh are 17 yr. old